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Read 10 predictions for 2031, a year that will see the world transform in big and small ways; this includes disruptions throughout our culture, technology, science, health and business sectors. It’s your future, discover what you’re in for.

Quantumrun Foresight prepared this list; A trend intelligence consulting firm that uses strategic foresight to help companies thrive from future trends in foresight. This is just one of many possible futures society may experience.

Fast forecasts for 2031

  • Language is no longer be a barrier between individuals and cultures, as real-time language translation and interpretation is now accessible through the use of universal language translator earbuds or augmented reality glasses. (Likelihood 90%)1
  • The majority of factories in developed countries now have their human workers work alongside one or more AI-powered robot partners to perform tasks more efficiently to produce goods; traditional blue-collar labor who accept working alongside these robots will need to develop new skill sets. (Likelihood 70%)1
  • Translation earbuds allow instantaneous translation, making foreign travel much easier. 1
Fast Forecast
  • World population forecasted to reach 8,569,999,000 1
  • World sales of electric vehicles reaches 13,826,667 1
  • Predicted global mobile web traffic equals 266 exabytes 1
  • Global Internet traffic grows to 782 exabytes 1

Country forecasts for 2031

Read forecasts about 2031 specific to a range of countries, including:

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